Shopping at Sunshine Plaza

The TAP students get to shop at the huge Sunshine Plaza Shopping Centre!

We departed from Noosa after our lunch break, direction Maroochydore: Sunshine Plaza! Nick, our bus driver was very happy to meet a joyful group of students. We all got to shop for two hours in the big shopping-mall at Maroochydore. Satohiro bought a skateboard for himself while Kosuke and Koki preferred to buy some presents for their friends.

It was very nice to see that all the students enjoyed their time together and that they all found their way back to the bus on time πŸ™‚ On our way back there was a little quiz for the students with two small Rugby balls to win! First question ”What does the name “Noosa” stand for?”, Koki was the quickest student to answer “Shade”! Well done Koki! The second question: “What is the “Mountain” we will climb on next week Tuesday?”. This time Haruna was the quickest student to answer “Mount Coolum”. Well done Haruna!

Our bus driver, Nick, stopped at Castaways beach where we all enjoyed the nice weather before heading back to the school. What a great day to remember, especially for Yohei who is leaving us 😦 We will probably see him again very soon :).



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