The TAP students go kayaking on the Noosa River!

What a wonderful day to paddle down the Noosa River. It was sunny and not too windy, just perfect for the students.

After Sensei Grant instructed everybody on the proper way to paddle, we all crossed the river safely and headed for the beach on the other shore. Once we reached the beach, we all practiced our paddling skills a bit more to prepare for a race! We formed Team Koala and Team Kangaroo. On Team Koala: Sensei Grant, Kaori, Haruna and Nico. On Team Kangaroo, Yohei, Kosuke, Satohiro and Koki . What a race! Everybody ended up being a winner as both teams scored a point.

It was an amazing experience and it was good to see the smiles on all our student’s faces! Considering it was the first time kayaking for most of the group, they all did incredibly well. Sensei Grant, our kayak instructor, was very impressed.




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