National Park Walk (How long until we are there?? Five minutes….)

Noosa National Park is one of Australia’s favourites and is one of the easiest to access by foot from local areas include the Lexis English college. It is loved by locals and tourist alike with a possibility of spotting a Koala in the wild. It is also a habitat for Kookaburras, Goanna’s and had a range of vegetation that stimulates the senses including the Pandanus and Banksia plants. Image

There were a large group of students that left for the National Park walk yesterday, some with Swiss alps experience in walking, others with the wrong footwear including heels. The pace was set and the eye’s of each individual were on lookout for some wildlife. We did spot some kookaburras laughing on the old gum tree’s but unfortunately were not lucky enough to spot a Koala. We did however arrive at some beautiful bays where the view is to die for including Granite and Tea Tree Bay. Although a long walk was endured with students asking “are we there yet, are we there yet” every five minutes, you can not get a better scenic walk with Australia bush and wildlife then the one here in Noosa. Image

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