Welcome TAP students!!!

Welcome TAP students. What a big day it has been for all, flying from overseas and getting into their first English lesson with Arlene. After a big morning of class we decided to have a nice relaxing tour through Noosa. And what a beautiful day it was, the sun was out and the streets were buzzing with Christmas cheer!

Our first stop was the beautiful lookout over Noosa waters and Noosa beach, where the view is spectacular! After looking from above it was time to head down to Main Beach where the students wiggled their toes in the sand and meet a few of the local lifeguards, who showed them the safest place to swim (in between the red/yellow flags). After shopping their way through Hastings street we ended the afternoon with a delicious ice cream on Noosa River. Welcome to the Lexis English College here in Noosa and I hope you are all excited to improve your English skills in such a beautiful environment!Image

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