TAP ELITE student Ryoji says goodbye to his classmates at Peregian Beach College.

TAP Elite student – Ryoji makes a speech after studying for 4 weeks at Peregian Beach College.

“First, thank you for your kindness for the month I have spent with you. I was nervous for the first week, but I could relax because everyone spoke kindly to me. While I was here, many things surprised me. In Japan, students don’t use laptops during the lesson, we cannot use mobile phones and iPods at school. We don’t have morning tea time, we have only lunch time (so you are lucky)! I feel this month has gone too quickly. Thank you Nate, Jai and Macca. I had a good time at morning tea and lunch time. I often couldn’t understand what you said, but I enjoyed our time together. It was lots of fun. Especially Nate, thank you for taking care of me during my time here. And to my other friends, thank you for your kindness. I was able to study many things for a  months. Thank you for everything”.

Ryoji’s teachers said he was a delight to have in the class and made many friends at Peregian Beach College. His English has improved so much in 4 weeks time and they are all very proud of him.

“Thank you again to all the staff and students at Peregian Beach College who opened up and took such great care of Ryoji, you all made him feel part of the school!”

Kiyo Ono, Director of Junior Programs


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