Naoya completes TAP ELITE

Thirteen year old Naoya from Japan came to Lexis Noosa Campus to do TAP and ELITE (English Language Immersion Teens) program.

The ELITE program requires a pre-test to be accepted by Peregian Beach College (PBC) and he was successful with his test. He has attended regular lessons such as maths and social studies with Australian students during school hours.  ELITE students then have 1 hour English support class.

He came with a pre-intermediate level when he first arrived. Phil, the Lexis teacher in the English support class says Naoya’s English has improved and his level has almost reached upper-intermediate level in 3 weeks!

Naoya says he has learned a lot at Peregian Beach College, made many friends and although he is happy to go back to Japan to see his family, he would like to take the program again.

Naoya has received a certificate from Ms. Groves at PBC. Ms. Groves says “Naoya was a delight to have at PBC and he will be welcomed to join us again”.

Special thank you to Mr. Shirley, Principal at PBC, teachers and staff at PBC for accepting international students and providing a great opportunity for them.

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