Lexis Byron Bay TAPs flying high!

They swing through the air with the greatest of ease, those daring young students on the flying trapeze!”

Last Friday the daredevils among us braved the heights of the big top as we headed to Circus Arts Byron Bay for a lesson on the flying trapeze. Our capable instructors talked us through the steps as we practiced first on the rope swings at ground level. Then we were ready to strap on our safety harnesses and climb the ladder the very top of the flying trapeze! With a safety net below us, we knew it was safe but nonetheless it took a lot of bravery to jump off the platform and swing through the air!

French TAP student Nathan went first, flying through the air with great confidence and thirteen year old Shotaru was brave enough to have a go too. We increased our confidence as time went on and all the students showed themselves to be extremely brave and acrobatic, swinging through the air upside down, right way up and even attempting a mid-air crossover!

Well done, everyone!

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