Noosa Local Tour

Today Lexis Noosa students went sightseeing around Noosa and its surrounds.

A big bus full of TAP’s made their way up to the picturesque lookout of Mt Tinbeerwah followed by a bus tour to Lake Cooroibah to look for wild kangaroos. We were lucky to find one hopping next to the bus! The students grabbed their camera but unfortunately a local dog also spotted the kangaroo and scared it away before they had time to get a good shot. Then it was up the river to Hastings Street and the Noosa National Park. As usual with all Lexis TAP’s so far this year, there was a koala waiting at the entrance to greet them. After some koala shots they went to the first lookout of Noosa National Park called Boiling Pot for some ocean shots then it was already time to head back to school!

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