Teams, Camera… Action!

Lexis Noosa TAP students grabbed a camera, made a team and headed around Noosa Junction for a photo scavenger hunt!

Students had to take pictures of various objects are themselves in various situation. They had over 50 pictures to try to take in one hour. Some were easy whilst others required chance or thinking outside the square. Some of the photos they had to take was their team being a koala in a tree, all the team with a Lexis staff member, make a human pyramid and objects like a coffee bean or surfboard. The two pictures worth the most points (your team with a policeman and your team in a sports car) were completed by one team. It was the first time in Lexis Noosa history that it has been done! The students ran one kilometre to the police station and were lucky enough to have a lovely female officer agree to a photo. And not only that… the police agreed to let the students take a picture in the official undercover police sports car! Congratulations to ‘the Ninjas’ for their initiative and creativity. They managed to win by only 10 points!

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