Let’s Have A Ball!…

Lexis Noosa TAP’s played a tournament of sand volleyball at Nomads Noosa today.

It was the Travellers versus the Mini Warriors for the TAP Tournament. The team who won the most games out of three won the tournament and some yummy treats such as Caramello Koalas. Both teams were equally as good but the round wins came down to only one bad serve separating the teams with the points being 10 / 11 for the first two rounds in the favour of Mini Warriors. After the tournament it was time for TAP co-coordinator Cindy to join in on the fun to even up the teams for at least one victory for the Travellers. This was all put to a halt when the ball decided to be a Koala and nest in the trees. No matter what they did the ball was not coming down from the tree. So now our ball remains snug in the tree till the next time the TAP’s return.

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