Poole Gakuin JHS go Kayaking and have a BBQ

Students enjoy kayaking on the river and an Australian BBQ!

 After meeting the instructors and finally getting everybody a life jacket they all grabbed an oar and gathered round Intructor Tim for a lesson in how to paddle.

Once they were sat in their Kayaks and the other instructors had pushed them off they all started to put into action Tim’s careful instructions. With one instructor leading from the front and one instructor at the back the students all floated in the middle and went in various different directions up the river.

After a couple of rescues and collisions with each other the students who were starting to get tired began to paddle back to shore with continuous shouts from all instructors and teachers of ‘Migi Migi!’, ‘Hidari, Hidari!’

Relieved to be back on dry land the students made their way a few hundred yards down the river where some amazing food had been prepared and delivered to our barbecue station.

The students host families arrived and everybody enjoyed a drink and some food before getting involved in Australia’s most popular game – Cricket! Despite the girls holding the cricket bat as if it was a baseball bat they all got the hang of it and a mix of host mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters were all running after the ball and having great fun.

It was a very hot day and a beautiful place to go Kayaking and have a barbecue but in the heat and after all that hard work the students were ready to go home with their host families early in the afternoon.

A great Australian day!

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