No Speech… No Meat

Meiho celebrates their final day with BBQ at the river.

Although we told them “ No speech , No meat”, the BBQ was ready for them when they arrived. However, we did not make it that easy! “No speech, No certificate”.

All of the Meiho students were asked to write a speech about their Australian adventures. Seijiro was just about to make his speech when he turned around and start putting eye drops in his eye… then he start his speech with tears…. well fake tears!

Shota our resident hip hop dancer said in his speech, “I am in Australia for the first time. This language study and training is a very good experience. It will remain in my memory. I loved the music student presentation at Peregian Beach College the best. Because I asked “can you play Dance music?” by the high school. After I danced, everybody gave me applause and said, “Good, cool, great!” the last day in GV Noosa I danced. I am glad to dance successfully. Some day, I want to dance again. Some day I will come to Australia again”.

They all succeeded in making speeches and received their certificates…. oh and they also got to eat barbecue!

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