Meiho HS

Meiho HS have not only been studying English but also the environment whilst Australia.

Mr. Keisuke Fujii gave a speech to Meiho HS. He is well-known in Eco Tourism and has introduced the Japanese TV Program “ First Japanese”. The words refer to the young stars who work at a first class level in different industries. He not only talked about Eco Tourism, but how to live your life embracing nature! How inspiring!

Following day, Meiho visited the University of the Sunshine Coast. The University is very beautiful and has Kangaroos lying around, plenty of studying students, and barbecue’s by the lake.

Meiho HS also went to TAFE at Mooloolaba where Sonia Marshall, Director of the Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE met them and introduced them to the “Sustainability Center” They learnt in interactive and fun ways how important it is to tread gently on the earth. Mr. Keisuke also taught the class. They had a wonderful few days!

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