TAPs Get Local

The TAPs cruised around Noosa today checking out the sights.

The students walked up Mt Timbeerwah to view a flawless landscape of Noosa and surrounds. Cameras were clicking away and you could hear ohhh’s and ahh’s as we hit the first clearing walking up to the peak. Then a few minutes later there was silence and expressions of awe as they hit the 180 degree view area. That experience was topped off with sightings of wild Kangaroos, Cockatoos, Lorikeets, Galahs and a friendly horse. They looked for Koala’s at the Noosa National Park but they seemed to be napping elsewhere but the calm and glistening ocean overlooking first point was worth the trip. At least the students learnt how to spot a Eucalyptus Tree to spot their own Koalas next time the visit the park.

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