BBQing with TAP and Nichidai!❤️

On Friday TAP students became true blue Aussies as they relaxed and socialised the only way Australians know how – with a barbecue of course! Joining them were students from Nichidai High School who were enjoying their last day at Lexis! While myself and my helping hand Julia were cooking up a sausage and onion storm, students played games of dodgeball, frisbee and soccer, relaxed in the sun, listened to music and dipped their feet in the river. We also had an honorary guest turn up – a huge pelican who wanted his share of the BBQ! (Lucky for him he managed to swipe a sausage courtesy of Debbie!)

Once all the food had been demolished by over 50 hungry teens, some of the students partook in another quintessential Australian backyard tradition – cricket! They all proved to be naturals, slamming the ball in all directions until it literally broke into pieces!

Another perfect end to a great week for TAP Noosa! Wonderful weather, food and most importantly: students!

Once again we sadly had to farewell more lovely TAPs – Selma, Felizitas, Sena, So, Nanase, Miki, Shuta, Reina, Yuka, Rena, Ayuka, Keisuke and Ryota! We hope you had an incredible trip and we miss you already!! ❤️

BBQ Collage.jpg

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