TAP Noosa = Sunshine and Ice Cream Galore ❤️

Last week Noosa weather turned it up for TAPs, with students soaking up the sun and blue skies in all their outdoor activities! As per usual, they explored some of the best spots Noosa has to offer – from the top of mountains, to sea level along the river, around the shops of Hastings St and Sunshine Plaza and to the long-standing tennis courts at Sunshine Beach!

Whilst at Hastings St, students tested their speed, perceptiveness and English conversational skills in a quiz about the surrounding area. Although Team 1 – Sena, Eri, Yuka and Rena arrived back first, it was Team 6 – Miki, Kokoro, Risa and Yume who took out the prize and glory, answering all questions correctly. Congratulations guys!! Once the quiz was done we all headed to Massimo’s Gelataria for some delicious ice cream to reward everyone’s efforts. What a perfect way to end the day!

Wk5 Highlights.jpg

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